You were not an impostor!

However you were shoot out and landed on Moon where you found a gate with letters S.M.S. on it.
You entered and realised it is a Secret Moon Station!
Find out what happened here and collect all the secret moon gems!

A / <- move left
D / ->move right
Space / ^ / Wjump
F / Zuse Ice Pistol to freeze water when unlocked
E / X use Flamethrower to burn crates/melt ice when unlocked
G/Cuse Gem Detector to detect nearest gems, even hidden (WM)
Ttoggle timer display
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 in Premium menu - select the character

Premium - Web Monetization

So Web Monetization is like Netflix - you buy a subscription for example from Coil for $5/month and you have an automatical access to everything that is Web Monetized - website, games, content creators will give you access to its Premium Content and no matter how long you will be benefiting from, Coil will never charge more than $5. In the end of the month your $5 will be shared proportionally to every creator you supported using this method!

A game by Paweł Jarosz

Made for The Web Monetization Challenge 2020 and Github Game Off 2020.

I combined both themes: Secrets Moonshot

Art: Paweł Jarosz and Kenney
Audio: Doug Walters (Grey Goon Audio)
Made with Defold

Fix log:

01.12.2020 - fixed problem with playing fire and water sounds
15.12.2020 - SMS took 5th place in WMChallenge! Added new version with few fixes and sound improvements! 
21.12.2020 - Improved levels design and some mistakes are now either removed to perform or possible to fix by player. Fixed many bugs (i.a. now the life counter is correct). Added a special lever instead of button switch that is only for opening/closing valves.  Improved look of key buttons in GUI and pistol pick-ups in the game.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withDefold
Tags2D, Cute, Puzzle-Platformer, Side Scroller

Development log


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Awesome game and a great submission to game off 2020, gameplay video below!

00:20 Secret Moon Station

Thank you so much for your review and gameplay!