Pixel Art Witchcrafter


Estel was found as a newborn in the forest by an old man when stars were falling. He raised him and taught everything about the world and magic. One day brown-skinned monsters breached into their house and kidnapped the old wizard. After the shock, Estel embarked on a journey to find his patron. With his magic crafting skills, willpower and a help from a local folks he managed to reach the mountains, where probably a general of a brown-skinned squad is detaining the old man…

Dive into the fantasy world when magic crafting skills are used by the gifted protagonist to survive the aggression of the Southern Empire, where a mighty emperor sacrificed his own people's souls to pact with a demon and have one of the greatest army of the brown-skinned killers.

This encounter is a demo of what I imagine it to be like, prepared specially for Unofficial Defold Game Jam #1.


[A] [D] or arrowsmovement
LMBattack / shear
RMBthrow a magic misslewhen holding a sword
Qconjure a magic trapwhen holding a sword
Ecast a magic buff on yourselfwhen holding a sword
Ftake out a Focus boardwhen Elemental Energy is 0 


Force pushRMBPush enemies away of you (ever seen Jedi?)
Air bombQSuddenly expanded air from the center of the bomb pushes enemies away
Wind of changeEEnjoy the magic of the moment in slowmotion (this moment lasts 8 sec)
Boulder dashRMBThrow a muddy boulder on an enemy
Ground blockadeQRise a piece of the ground in front of you as a defensive barricade
Heavy shieldECover yourself in the dirty, defensive coat (+15 DEF for 8 sec)
FireballRMBA classic spell that adepts shouldn't learn
BonfireQRoast the marshmallow... or enemies. In front of you (you have only 8 sec)
Burning wrathEGet angry and deals fire-supercharged damage (+15 DMG for 8 sec)
Bubble RMBBe a bubble shooter and get your enemies wet
GeyserQTurbulently eject water from a spring in front of you (enemies will get wet too)
Aqua vitaEDrink a magic water and heal yourself (+25 HP)


Game designed and created by Paweł Jarosz
Art thanks to rvros, DGHZ and ansimuz
Sounds thanks to qubodup
A lot of support from Defold's community: britzl (Monarch and Gooey), Pkeod, sergey.lerg, AGulev, rgrams (Rendercam), TheKing009, sven, selimanac and others <3

If you see a potential in this game - please follow me, leave feedback - I will continue working on it and soon there will be a new demo! :)
Updated 26 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withDefold
Tags2D, defold, Fantasy, Magic, Pixel Art, udgj1, witchcrafter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I've added a table with all spells from the demo, hope it will be useful ;) Also the updated version is uploaded with more indicators regarding combat, more powerful spells and a wins/fails score (that now will relatively increase/decrease boss HP in every try) is displayed at the end of each encounter :D 

Looks really cool! But I can't figure out how to beat the boss. The elements supposedly give me something but no idea how to use it.

(1 edit)

Thanks! :D actually there are many ways! Maybe it's because the spells are not explained, (normally every spell would be introduced) so I'll post their descriptions above ;) In my case, I like to use buffs like increased damage (fire E) and defence (earth E) , which gives you a noticeable advantage. Also one trick is to prevent boss electro charged attacks - when he is wet, his electric attack is unsuccessful and explodes on him instead of sending it on the hero. Also you can avoid him all the time and only use ranged missle attacks or traps ;) the main rule would be to avoid his attacks and deals him damage right after his attack ;) 


It's great that you think so, thanks! :D

Man, it's awesome! I l'm waiting for more content, especially story with dark fantasy climat. Gameplay is really comfortable, dynamic, but also we have time for making a magic, so idea with board is intersting and well done. I l hope to play the full version. Good luck with work!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! It's my first review actually :D I'll do my best to make my dream come true and create a captivating gameplay that goes in parallel with a story! I'm happy that the idea of the Focus board looks reasonable for you, in the future there will be more elements, because Estel will learn how to merge the basic four together ;) of course there will be more carriers too, concluding in a lot of combinations then!